The Mystery of God


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How can a God who is genuinely incomprehensible also be genuinely known? How can a God who has really been revealed also continue to be a mystery? And what far-reaching implications might this vision of God have for Christian life and Christian theology? Steve Boyer and Chris Hall answer questions like these from the vantage point of historic Christian faith, in The Mystery of God: Theology for Knowing the Unknowable.

The notion of God as mystery can certainly be abused, but Boyer and Hall show how it is used faithfully in the overwhelming majority of the Christian tradition, how it is required by the biblical affirmation of God as “Creator”, and how it helps to make sense of a wide variety of other issues both intellectual and practical. In C. S. Lewis’s memorable image, it turns out that, though the sun is too bright to look at directly, once it has risen we can see the whole landscape more clearly. So also, the brilliant light of divine mystery can draw Christians to a deeper level of confidence, humility, and worship.


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