Praise for The Mystery of God


The 2014 BOOK AWARD in Theology/Ethics
from Christianity Today

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Boyer and Hall do an excellent job unpacking the subject of mystery, which is constantly alluded to in theological work but rarely carefully analyzed. The authors achieve clarity without sacrificing depth.” –James Beilby, Bethel University

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Christianity Today ‘s FIVE-STAR RATING

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“. . . The authors succeed brilliantly in focusing our eyes on the central mystery of our faith. . . . All Christians know that the God of the Bible is personal, but few have gone as far as Boyer and Hall in drawing out the full implications of God’s radical, transcendent Personhood. . . . In terms of lucidity, choice of analogies, irenic tone, nuanced common sense, and connection to the practical, day-to-day life of the man in the pews, they come very close to reaching the bar set by C. S. Lewis.” –Louis Markos, Houston Baptist University

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“. . . This book will prove to be a significant conversation starter. . . . I found the way the [authors] see mystery relating to Christian theology very helpful. . . . [A] well reasoned and well researched book. . . .” –Nathaniel Claiborne, blogger at “Marturo”

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“. . . The mysterious nature of God can cause us to turn away in disbelief, as I once did. Or it can draw us deeper into worship. The Mystery of God helped me do the latter . . . . Boyer and Hall do not rush to resolve thorny problems and [they] take seriously the viewpoints of Catholics and Protestants, Arminians and Calvinists, old dead guys and younger living ones. . . . Such humility is what makes The Mystery of God attractive, and biblical. . . .” –Chris Sicks, Englewood Review of Books

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“. . . The Mystery of God is one of the best things I’ve read in awhile. . . . This is rich theology, and artfully written. There are many nuggets in this book that you will chew on and want to include in your teaching or preaching. . . . [I]f you are responsible for teaching God and [the] ways of God to others then you really need to read this. . . .” –Michael Wittmer, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

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“This book will become a classic, I hope—an evangelical study of mystery, studious but written with a sense of wonder and awe. . . . A solid study of the dimension of mystery, moving our angle of vision a bit, yet preventing an overly subjective mysticism. This book deserves a wide, diverse audience. . . .” –Byron Borger, “Hearts and Minds” Booknotes

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“At a time when many Christians — and many evangelicals in particular — are discovering or rediscovering ‘the mystery of God,’ there’s an urgent need for discernment.  Steven Boyer and Christopher Hall’s ‘theology for knowing the unknowable’ is a gift to the church.” –John Wilson, editor of Books & Culture

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“. . . Boyer and Hall exceeded my expectations. . . . Chapters on the Trinity (some of the best I have read about the trinity), Christ’s incarnation, Salvation and Election, Prayer and our relationship to other religious traditions all show that we need both mystery and clarity in our Christian life. These are not the easy parts of theology, but the very areas that we need to point to mystery and at the same time cannot abandon our search to understand the doctrines theologically. . . .” –Adam Shields, blogger at

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“[Boyer and Hall] reveal themselves to be evangelical Christians extraordinarily cognizant of the great Christian traditions from the desert fathers and mothers to the Greek and Latin Church fathers to leading monastics (East and West), scholastics, reformers, modernists, and postmodernists. . . . Theologians and philosophers as well as clergy and well-educated laity—including mainstream Christians interested in how God can be known and yet remain mystery—and those seeking deeper faith, in accord with certain aspects of modernism and postmodernism, may find this splendid book challenging, accessible, and rewarding.” –Carolyn M. Craft, emerita, Longwood Univ., Farmville, VA  (Library Journal)


“. . . [A] valuable resource . . . . Readers will no doubt turn with intrigue to the chapters on the Trinity and Incarnation. . . . Boyer and Hall provide a great resource for dialogue concerning sovereignty and free will in salvation . . . .” –Craig Sanders, SBTS’s “Towers” magazine

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“. . . Far too often God’s mystery is seen as a burden to be overcome — and people often think this is the task of theologian. Yet, Boyer and Hall suggest that this is a characteristic to be embraced as a positive aspect of God himself. To that end they explore ‘divine mystery’ through both philosophical and theological categories drawing out how mystery helps to define both God’s actions and his nature as a being. . . . The mystery of God is something all Christians can contemplate.” –Matthew Miller,’s Academic Blog

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“This book is a gem.  Boyer and Hall display the beauty of historic Christian orthodoxy in clear, elegant prose.  Skillfully avoiding the twin plagues of arrogant rationalism and anti-intellectual irrationalism, they demonstrate the tremendous potential of the concept of mystery to illuminate central doctrines and practices of the Christian faith.  Scholars, pastors, and students alike will reap rich rewards from this outstanding contribution to contemporary evangelical theology.” –Jeffrey P. Greenman, Wheaton College


“Here at last is a clear, precise, and careful treatment of mystery in Christian life and theology.  Boyer and Hall chart a middle course between the cliffs of rationalism and the whirlpool of irrationalism, bringing readers safely through to the spiritual homeland, to lives hidden with Christ in God.  There is no mystery mongering here.  When Boyer and Hall appeal to mystery, they are not obfuscating but opening up and clarifying vast ranges of theology and spirituality.” –Fred Sanders, Biola University


“Mystery is one of the most overworked words in the Christian vocabulary, and yet it’s essential whenever we dare to speak about the God who is, as Luther says, both hidden and revealed. This book is both an invitation to contemplation and an exercise in humility. Boyer and Hall bring together theology and spirituality in a way that will help both seasoned travelers and new pilgrims on the road of faith.” –Timothy George, Beeson Divinity School


“Rightly understood, mystery is a powerful and liberating theological reality. Boyer and Hall skillfully explore the wonderful truth of mystery, employing such topics as the incarnation, salvation, and prayer as examples of how it works in the church’s confession and practice. In these pages there is real wisdom.”
–Kelly M. Kapic, Covenant College


“This is a welcome volume: a clearly written, insightful approach to a difficult theological topic. I especially appreciated–and learned from–its taxonomy of mysteries and its idea that as a theological category, mystery should be understood in revelational and dimensional terms. Those terms nicely clarify and thematize what’s distinctive about a Christian understanding of mystery and do so in a way that will resonate with many of the book’s readers.” –Kevin Hector, The University of Chicago Divinity School


The Mystery of God is a refreshing challenge to evangelicals to reject rationalistic approaches to faith while at the same time learn humbly from the Great Tradition. Boyer and Hall mine riches from the fathers that will help their readers appreciate the beauty of the Triune God and the orthodox tradition in which he is found.” –Gerald R. McDermott, Roanoke College


“A fine Protestant theological treatment of mystery in theology is long overdue, and Boyer and Hall have provided it.” –Roger E. Olson, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University